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Monday, July 9, 2012

Achieving Personality-Job- Fit - Personality

According to Holland (1997), workers are not passive victims of their environments, but actively seek potentially compatible work environments. If an individual‘s personality and the work environment ―fit—that is, if the personality is congruent with the work environment—the individual will most likely enjoy the work and develop and grow in the career. Matching people to the organizational culture at the time of hiring should result in higher employee satisfaction and reduced turnover.

Holland has proposed Six themes of people and work environments, within which all jobs can be classified:

1. Realistic
2. Investigative
3. Artistic
4. Social
5. Enterprising
6. Conventional

The above-mentioned classification is shown in more details in the following chart:

Personality Job Fit


Personality Characteristics

Congruent Occupation

Realistic: Prefers physical activities that require skill, strength, and coordination

Shy, genuine, persistent, stable, conforming, practical

Mechanic, drill press operator, assembly-line worker, farmer

Investigative: Prefers activities that involve thinking, organizing, and understanding

Analytical, original, curious, independent

Biologist, economist, mathematician, news reporter

Social: Prefers activities that involve helping and developing others

Sociable, friendly, cooperative, understanding

Social workers, teacher, counselor, clinical psychologist

Conventional: Prefers rule- regulated, orderly, and unambiguous activities

Conforming, efficient, practical, unimaginative, inflexible

Accountant, corporate manager, bank teller, file clerk

Enterprising: Prefers verbal activities in which there are opportunities to influence others and attain power

Self-confident, ambitious, energetic, domineering

Lawyer, real estate agent, public relations specialist, small business manager

Artistic: Prefers ambiguous and unsystematic activities that allow creative expression

Imaginative, disorderly, idealistic, emotional, impractical

Painter, musician, writer, interior decorator


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