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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Group Member Resources - Group Behavior

A. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

The knowledge, skills, and abilities of its individual members plays an important role in determining the group’s success and their ability to achieve set targets effectively and in synergistic manner. A review of the evidence has shown that interpersonal skills play an important role for high work group performance. They comprise of conflict management and resolution skills, collaborative problem solving abilities, and effective communication skills.

B. Personality Characteristics:

A substantial larger body of research evidence is available with regard to the relationship between personality traits and group attitudes and behavior. The general conclusions are as follows (Robbins 2004):

Ø  Attributes that have a positive connotation in our culture tend to be positively related to group productivity, morale, and cohesiveness. These include: sociability, initiative, openness, and flexibility.
Ø  Negatively evaluated characteristics such as authoritarianism, dominance, and unconventionality tend to be negatively related to the dependent variables.

3. No single personality characteristic is a good predictor of group behavior.

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